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Mini Fascia Masseur

Mini Fascia Masseur

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Your Home SPA Skin Care Expert

 * Relieves pain and spasms from muscle contusions, sprains, or strains

 * Dissipates edema and swelling
 * Loosens tight fascia and connective tissue
 * Reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles
 * lncreases range of motion
 * Eliminates muscle fatigue 

Customize settings to meet your treatment needs with 32 speeds and four interchangeable massage heads.
Enhance circulation, improve soft tissue health, increase range of motion, and more.

 How To Use:

Digital model
• To turn on, press and hold the "+R button for three minutes.
• Press and dlסhthe R+" nסttubfor three minutes סtshut down.
• The motor speed is adjustable. Press the יי+ייor R -R buttons to adjust speed.

Note: in order to protect the bones and muscles,  avoid long-term, fixed-point massage. intelligent shutoff automatically stops vibration after 15 minutes of use. 


Important Saftey Information:

 • Do not use this product if you are at risk for aneurusms, bleeding, or are using      blood thinners, are pregnant or have cancer.
• This device should not be within 3 inches of fractured bones or within 90 days of    fracture repair.
• Avoid sensitive areas רdusas the head, face, cervical vertebra, and spine.

• Do not use on areas where muscle is thin, such as the tibia or top of the foot or      hand. 

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