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Firming Micro-current Massager

Firming Micro-current Massager

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Firming Micro-current Massager absorbs light through a Solar panel and generates a weak electrical "micro-current" that is very similar to the body's own current. Daily treatment with the roller on the surface of your skin enhances skin texture, making it supple, shiny and firm.


How To Use 

Facial care

Roll from top to bottom of mouth, cheek, and face to enhance and firm skin.

Gently massage the chin area to eliminate the appearance of a double chin.

Neck care

Hold the handle, and roll It back and forth along the shoulder and the back neck.

Body care

Roll back and forth along the armpit to eliminate fat deposits.

For breast enlargement and sculpting, roll the massager along the side of the breast from the armpit to the middle of the breast area.

To eliminate fat deposits along the abdomen, roll the massager back and forth from the top to the bottom of the waist area.

Roll on the inner side of the thigh.

To increase firmness and elasticity, rollthe massager back and forth from the bottom to the middle of the breast

To eliminate belly fat, roll back and forth along the hip bone.

For firmer neck and shoulders, press and roll massager in the depression below the clavicle area.

For stronger, more beautiful forearms, roll massager back and forth - from the wrist to the elbow.

Firm the calf area by rolling the massager from the ankle to the knee area.

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