It has become clear in recent years that the skin carries a large number of microorganisms (skin microbiome or skin flora) that fulfill an important function. When the skin flora disturbed, this can lead to a large number of (serious) problems.

To prevent or solve such problems, Invaincu Health has developed unique skin care technology. This technology is the most natural and safe guarantee for healthy and well-functioning skin!

Invaincu Health skin care technology contains a high concentration of probiotics and prebiotics that are mixed with our existing cosmetic formulas.

The probiotics reduce the risk of infections and install a good protective microbiome on the skin. The prebiotics support and stimulate the growth and activity of naturally good skin bacteria. In addition, the probiotics are active dirt removers that clean the skin on a microscopic level. This leads to a permanent skin cleansing and therefore a smooth and healthy skin.

 The main goal is to prevent an unhealthy skin microbiome. Because our Technology actively add high numbers of good bacteria (the probiotics) and stimulates the growth of existing good skin bacteria through the prebiotics, a very stable and healthy microflora is formed and maintained.

This stable healthy skin microbiome provides many benefits, both preventive and curative.