Synbiotic Skin Care

The skin carries microorganisms that fulfill an important function: they form the microbiome. Maintaining a healthy microbiome is crucial as any imbalance is the catalyst for multiple skin disorders such as acne, dry skin, sensitivity, and more. Synbiotic technology, or the use of prebiotics and probiotics in skin care, is one of the most scientifically advanced methods to prevent and treat common skin disorders.

INVAINCU HEALTH’s proprietary synbiotic blend contains a high concentration of probiotics and prebiotics that are combined with our highly effective cosmetic formulations. Probiotics reduce the risk of infections and install a protective barrier over the microbiome. Prebiotics support and stimulate the natural growth and activity of good bacteria in the microbiome. A stable, healthy microbiome provides many benefits.

Studies at the University of Ghent in Belgium and the University of Ferrara in Italy have shown that the use of symbiotic technology (ADD SPACE BETWEEN SYNBIOTIC TECHNOLOGY) reduces the presence of germs and therefore lowers the number of skin infections.

 Synbiotic technology has been scientifically proven to:

  1. Reduce thenumber of bad germs and infections (ADD SPACE BETWEEN THE NUMBER)
  2. Have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing itch and redness significantly as a result of many skin conditions.
  3. Repair the barrier of the skin – In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Jean-Philippe, the skin was visibly improved after only three days