The skin and its microbiome – what does it mean?

Our skin is the first and most important barrier to the outside world and protects us against harmful influences and infections.

Moreover, it has become clear in recent years that the skin carries a large number of micro-organisms that fulfill an important function.
The skin structure and its microbiome are both important to protect us from many harmful influences and infections.

Human skin naturally contains millions of micro-organisms!
A stable, healthy microbiome is therefore of great importance for our health and the entire environment.

Some of the most common skin disorders like acne, dry skin, allergy and more, directly, or indirectly linked to microbiology.

In the prevention and cure of most skin conditions, it is crucial to keep the skin structure and the skin microbiome in good condition!


what makes the products unique?

synbio is the most appropriate technology to guarantee the health of us, our skin, and our environment.
To enjoy the maximum effect and advantages of the synbiotic technology, the products themselves must of course meet several important quality criteria.

synbio studies has been conducting research for many years to select the most performing probiotic bacteria and prebiotic sugars for the desired application.
The Invaincu Health skin care technology contain a high concentration of probiotics and prebiotics what can be mixed with existing cosmetic formulas.

The probiotics reduce the risk of infections and install a good protective microbiome on the skin. The prebiotics support and stimulate the growth and activity of naturally good skin bacteria.

This stable healthy skin microbiome provides many benefits, both preventive and curative.


Our products contain an absolute minimum of 50 million probiotics per ml. certain products go up to half a billion per ml.!


Skin disorders:
Many skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis have to do with an inflammatory reaction of the skin as a result of an allergy, infection or underlying condition.

Studies at the universities of Ghent (Belgium) and Ferrara (Italy) have shown that the use of synbiotic Technology reduces the risk of the presence of germs and therefore also a lower number of infections.



scientifically proven benefits of synbiotic technology

  1. Reduced risk on bad germs and infections.
  2. Anti- inflammatory effect that ensures less itching and redness in many skin conditions.
  3. Skin barrier repair - A clinical study by Dr. Jean-Philippe Therrien on the formulation proves that After three days there was already a noticeably better recovery of the skin!
  4. A quick repair of the skin barrier is important for the prevention of infections of damaged skin.
    In addition, intact skin also has visual advantages because the skin looks healthier and more beautiful!



    Invaincu Health products:
    Skin cleansing and care with rinsing-
    the soaps in the Invaincu Health products are mild to the skin and provide good cleaning and degreasing without damaging the skin.
    the probiotics that remain numerous on the skin even after rinsing ensure a permanent extra removal of organic pollution that is located in the skin pores.

    the prebiotic stimulate our own probiotics in their activity and also the already present good microorganisms.


    Invaincu Health skin cream-
    a revolutionary skin cream with a high-quality composition that cleanses, soften, moisturize, and actively repairs the skin!
    keep the skin and her microbiome in optimal condition with a reduced risk of infections.

    It is recommended to use these cream in case of certain skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis!


    Invaincu Health Body Care -
    this Invaincu Salt Scrub cleanses the skin through the biological effect of the probiotics.
    the cleansing and protection is provided by the synbiotics ingredients that stay active for hours!